Meet The Team

Meet Becky!

Becky was raised in a world of tradesman and has loved decorating and design since she was able to help her parents in their business. This is where her passion for design and eye for decorating began. She enrolled in the Interior Design program at New York Institute of Art and Design. She now has several years of decorating and helping others as a side business. She finally decided to take a leap of faith when she found an opportunity with the Decorating Den Interiors franchise, and made it a full time career. Her education continued with Decorating Den, where she completed their Professional Decorating and Sales School program.

Becky’s Design Philosophies

  1. Less is more. Keep it simple and let a few amazing pieces define your space.
  2. Communication is key. When we know each others expectations from the beginning, we can create a spectacular space…..together!!
  3. Making dream spaces: Becky believes that your home is a true extension of your personality and loves to work together with her clients to capture their taste and style to create the space of their dreams!
  4. Lighting: Every room should have great lighting. Not only functional, but beautiful.

Experience: Becky’s experience includes interior decorating, space planning, basement design, corporate office spaces and move-in/move-out redecoration, including paint, carpet, artwork, accessory and fixture selection. She also loves to bring the indoors out by creating porch and backyard retreats!

Meet Mary Kate!

For as long as she can remember, Mary Kate has loved anything creative. Her childhood art classes slowly turned from fingerpainting to realistic sketches and finally to professional hand drafting and renderings. The artistic and creative side of design always came easy for her, being able to envision a completely re-designed space in her head. After studying at the University of Northern Iowa and receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design, she gained a whole new insight in the design world. Mary Kate understands how our physical and mental health are extremely affected by the environment around us. Her love for design is rooted from being able to make a difference in the way people live their day to day lives. A home can mean many things for different people, and she loves the challenge of channeling a client’s personality into their spaces. Mary Kate is a new face in the professional design world, but she has years of education and personal experience.

Mary Kate’s Design Philosophies

  1. Think of how you want to feel in your space. Starting a redesign can be daunting as far as knowing what you want. If you start with how you’d like to feel in your space, then we can put pieces and textures together that you otherwise would’ve never imagined!
  2. Don’t be afraid to design “outside of the lines.” Not all spaces need to be a gradient of similar patterns and colors. Throwing in some contrast with bold changes whether it be a lamp or an entire kitchen color, can elevate a space into something great!

Experience: Mary Kate has her degree in Interior Design from the University of Northern Iowa. She is skilled in Auto CAD, Revit, SketchUp, Adobe Photoshop, hand drafting and sketching. She has experience and research in residential, corporate, and medical design.